Certificate of Acceptability SOP

Certificate of Acceptability SOP

Certificate of Acceptability  

  • The Certificate of Acceptability is issued in terms of Foodstuffs and Cosmetic Act and Regulation R638 of 2019.
  • The COA is issued to all premises where any form of foodstuffs fit for human consumption is prepared, served, and sold
  • The COA will only be issued after the premises have been inspected by the relevant Health department and found to be in order.
  • The COA will only be issued in a person’s name and if any changes occur in regard to management or structural the COA becomes null and void.
  • The COA will be required by the Liquor Board and the clients.

Modus Operandi

  • Consult with client and determine workload and explain Modus Operandi and Terms and Conditions.
  • Conduct onsite pre-inspection assessment in order to pass council inspection
  • Collating and obtaining all relevant and supporting documents and plan from client.
  • Issuing of invoice for payment
  • Completing of applicable application forms.
  • Making 3 copies of all documents and forms (Original for council, 1 for client and one for OLC files)
  • Payments of license fees at council pay point and lodging application at applicable department.
  • Deliver proof of application and paid submission fees to client.
  • Arrange for onsite inspections and follow up on pending application or plan until completion and finalized.
  • Collect, make copies of Certificate of Acceptability, and deliver original to client.

Documents Required

  • OLC Appointment docs
  • Zoning and Locality map (OLC responsibility)
  • Copy of company papers
  • Copy of Id’s
  • Copy of Menu
  • Copy of Equipment, toilets, storage rooms, cold rooms & freezers, staff facilities and seating plan of premises
  • List of Suppliers and copies of their COA’s
  • Copy of proof of pest control service certificate
  • Copy of Extractor canopy and Fan installation certificate
  • Copy of Staff training certificate
  • Copy of cleaning schedule
  • Copy of protective clothing schedule
  • Copy of removal of old oil schedule
  • Copy of temperature control schedule for all fridges, freezers, deliveries
  • Copy of lease.

Time Frames

Time Frame of Onelicensing.Com

  • Collecting payment, information, and documents 2 days
  • Preparation of documents 2 day
  • Submitting of applications ASAP from date of payment.
  • Returning proof of applications to client 1 day

Estimated Time Frame of Local Authority/Council

  • Submit applications, Documents and Copy of Plans to council department – 1 day
  • Capture on Council System and drafts reports to other departments –  7 days
  • Conduct inspection on site and await reports from other departments 15 days
  • Issue of Certificate of Acceptability – 5 days

Terms and Conditions

  • All fees exclude council fees and work will only commence when all documents received, and fees are paid in full and once off.
  • Work will be conducted, and applications will be submitted within ASAP and council inspections on site should be within 3-4 weeks.
  • Fees and cost paid are not refundable.
  • Follow –ups will be done after application and until completion of task.
  • One licensing.com will not be held responsible for the tardiness or slow action of council departments or officials, but Endeavour to keep follow ups until task is completed.


On request and excludes travel cost and zoning information from local council

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