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Application for Business License

  • The Business license is required by law in terms of the Businesses Act (Act 71 of 1991)
  • This Act has 3 schedules which define what businesses are required to have business license.
  • Foodstuffs formal and informal business premises
  • Place of Entertainment and Place of Health business premises
  • The business license will only be issued when 4 departments of council have been consulted and in order reports have been received.
  • Business License can be issued in an entity, sole proprietor, partnership, trust and is not transferable when ownership changes, Business License become null and void.
  • If any changes occur in regard to management or particulars the council must be informed within 21 working days.

Application for Certificate of Acceptability

  • The Certificate of Acceptability is issued in terms of Foodstuffs and Cosmetic Act.
  • The COA is issued anywhere where any form of foodstuffs fit for human consumption is prepared or served
  • The COA Inspection will only be conducted if an approved internal Lay-out Plan is available
  • The COA will only be issued after the premises have been inspected and found to be in order.
  • The COA will only be issued in a person’s name and if any changes occur in regard to ownership or structural changes, the COA becomes null and void.
  • The COA will be required by the Liquor Board in the final steps of a liquor license application.
  • If any changes occur in regard to management or particulars the council must be informed within 21 working days.

Application for Public Health Permit

  • Some local councils like Johannesburg have promulgated by-laws regulating certain businesses.
  • Nursing homes, crèches, after care schools, offensive trades, cosmetic and hair salons and funeral homes.
  • These permits will only be issued if the premises comply with the by-laws and the Health department has consulted with other departments and received in order reports.
  • These permits are issued in a person’s name and if ownership, management changes the permit become null and void.

Application for Fire Inspection and Certificate

  • The Fire Safety Inspection and Certificate is compulsory when an application is lodged for a business license, COA, health permits and liquor license application.
  • The Fire Safety Inspection fee covers only 2 inspections and additional inspections will have to pay again.
  • The Fire Safety Inspection will only be conducted if an approved Fire Plan is available.
  • The certificate will be issued on confirming the proof of an approved Fire plan and complying in all fire safety regulations in terms of the SABS 10400 and local council promulgated fire safety by-laws.
  • If any changes occur in regard to management or particulars the council must be informed within 21 working days.

Flammable Gas and Liquid Applications and Renewals

  • In terms of promulgated Fire Safety By-laws and National Building Regulations and applicable SANS and SABS Codes.

Application for Occupation Certificate

  • In terms of the SABS 10400 any and all premises free standing and inline buildings/ shops and premises must have an occupation certificate.
  • The occupation certificate is proof that the premises are safe to occupy.
  • The occupation certificate is processed and  issued when the building inspector have received copies of electrical certificate, plumbing certificate, glazing certificate, roofing certificate, fire safety certificate, copy of approved building plans, zoning certificate. Engineering completion form, Plumber completion form and COA.

Pre-Scrutiny Plans

  • Before plans are submitted a scrutiny of plans will be done to determine if plan are correct and if plan will pass minimum requirements for approval.

Submitting of Building and SDP Plans and Obtaining approval Stamps from Departments

  • In most cases the plan submission will require approval stamps from various departments.
  • These stamps from departments speed up the circulation and approval process and time on pending applications.
  • Submitting of plans at Local Authority.

Encroachment of Pavement and Council Property Applications

  • Johannesburg council has the Johannesburg Property Company (JPC) which manages all their property including sidewalks and pavements.
  • Some cases Metro police or SAPS will recommend or request that permission is obtained for using part of pavement or sidewalk for business purposes.

Obtaining or Enquiry to Zoning Information, copy of Building Plans from Council

  • In most cases the above applications and submissions will require zoning information, SG diagram.
  • Sometimes the applicant cannot provide previous or approved building plans or site plans and then the records department of building control will be consulted.

Audit on Premises for Compliance and Documentation

  • Obtain power of attorney and permission to do audit at premises.
  • Arrange suitable time and date for audit.
  • Conduct audit regarding paperwork and general site inspection.
  • Compile report and print report.
  • Deliver report and recommendations.

Liquor license Applications and Renewals

  • In terms of Liquor Act and legislation.

Rezoning and Consent Use Applications and Application for Building Line Relaxations

  • In terms of the relevant Town planning scheme.

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