South African Liquor Act News

Liquor Act News

Restaurant Association of South Africa

Dear Licensee,

  1. We have completed a one day workshop with the Gauteng Liquor Board where we tried to find common ground on various issues.
  2. We are trying to find a way in order for the Board to expedite matters concerning.
  3. We had to approach the Courts most recently in order to expedite new applications and where the Board ask for conditions and certificates which are not provided for in the Act.
  4. In all these cases the Court found that the Board are generally taking too long to consider applications and declared certain of these asked certificates
  5. (specifically Health and Fire Certificates) to be ultra vires.
  6. However we as licences also have to adhere to certain conditions and determinations such as renewal of licences in time and the displaying of these licences and appointments of Managers at a conspicuous place on the premises.
  7. The Board has therefore warned that the Section 40 appointments will be vigorously policed and inspected in the coming weeks and months.
  8. Please make sure that you have stuck up an appointed person/ manager appointment in the premises(Form 5).
  9. If not please contact us so that we can go through the process of applying.
  10. It is really important and unnecessary to fall prey to these folks who will simply issue fines of R 1500 and more.
  11. Important to know that these fines cannot be lifted, the Prosecutors simply are not interested and it is a criminal offence which stays on the person in charges name, ad infinitum.
  12. There has also been fee increases promulgated in the Government Gazette on Friday the 2nd of December 2016Government Gazette
  13. Government Gazette
  14. Government Gazette
  15. Government Gazette
  16. Government Gazette
  17. Government Gazette
  18. Government Gazette

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